LaTeX configuration for the First Blood RPG.
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These config files make the First Blood RPG books look and act the way they do.


To make a book, put this config folder into the same directory, and copy main.tex into the directory.

Edit ‘main.tex’, and input your tex files by writing `\include{my_file.tex}.


You can include pseudo-randomo creatures in your adventure by summoning the names from monsters.tex. For example, to place a random elf in your game, just write \elf, and an elf will be magically summoned unto your adventure. You can give the character a title and name by writing ‘\npc{symbol}{name}‘. For example:



This would make a heading called Rincewind in bold with a male symbol, and provide pseudo-random alchemist-appropriate stats underneath.

Syntax Symbol
\M Male
\F Female
\G Group
\U Undead
\N Nura

For a complete list of all the creatures and characters which can be used, see the ‘monsters.tex’ file. For more details on the syntax, have a look at examples in Adventures in Fenestra, or read the git’s wiki.

TeXnical Details

This thing’s handled as a subtree in the other documments, so changing it will change all First Blood books.

Personally, I keep it in a directory by the others. This allows you to do:

git subtree -P config pull ../config master

The configs also have one branch per repo, so when writing Adventures in Fenestra (‘aif’), you can do a push to just that branch:

git subtree -P config push ../config aif