Adventures in Fenestra was the Monster Manual/ Adventures/ GM's Guide for the First Blood System.
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Adventures in Fenestra

This is a campaign setting for the First Blood tabletop RPG.

Current structure:

Games Master Resources

  • Magical groves, magical wells, magical items, and magical songs.
  • Random encounters, random starting-backgrounds for PCs, and random assorted other things.
  • Details on the nura - the twisted versions of men and dwarves who emerge from underground and consume everything in the area.

Map of the Land

  • Details on Fenestra, the land of magical portals.
  • Ethereal lands beyond, where players can get trapped and find strange items.
  • Bestiary, for all your monstrous needs.

Side Quests

Foreshadowing, multiple plot-arcs, and keeping track of the lot over the long term can be difficult. Who has time for that with study and a job? Side Quests are here to help the GM and make sure that no GM comes unprepared, even if they haven’t actually prepared anything.

The players enter a forest and encounter one of three stories at random: the elven prince, the spider queen, or just disconnected, random events. The result is the Spider Queen, so they get part one of that Side Quest. The next time they’re in the forest, they might get part 2, or might have a completely different story assault them.

Most are extremely short encounters, but after a few of them are down, a plot begins to emerge. The players have to leave town on a mission and hear a rustling in the bushes, then start to wonder if it’s that spider queen, or the bandits they ran into in the villages, or something new.

Side Quests can be kept for GMing emergencies, slapped onto the side of an overarching plot, or even used as a complete adventure in and of themselves.

Using the Book

For most poeple, you should just download the pdf. But if you want to modify it or add to it, you can grab all the documents, zip them, then edit the result on Overleaf, live. If you want your own, local version, then you’ll need to install Latex. The texlive-most and inkscape packages have what you need if you’re running Linux, and you can take a look at the autogen script to see how to compile it.


All welcome. At present, the project’s in particular need of:

  • Art.
  • Grammar Nazis
  • Suggestions on cleaning up my code.
  • New side quests.