Haklab Belgrade
Belgrade, Serbia

EteSync - Secure, end-to-end encrypted, and privacy respecting sync for your contacts, calendars and tasks. https://www.etesync.com

最后更新于 1 天前

A basic EteSync service (so you can run your own)

最后更新于 3 天前

Python script that listens for signal on a GPIO pin and plays music upon receiving it

最后更新于 6 天前

Adventures in Fenestra was the Monster Manual/ Adventures/ GM's Guide for the First Blood System.

最后更新于 1周前

First Blood is a D&D-like RPG aimed at fast, tactical play.

最后更新于 1周前

LaTeX configuration for the First Blood RPG.

最后更新于 1周前

Hklbgd logos and stickers

最后更新于 1周前

Alfred is a service to start and stop other programs when it detects people. At present it detects people by their mac addresses, and plays music, then shuts down local computers when the person has left.

最后更新于 2 周前

Repo with various music

最后更新于 3 周前

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Website for Haklab Belgrade

最后更新于 1 个月前

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Simple stateful port scanner that works over Tor

最后更新于 2 个月前

A dead-simple document organizer.

最后更新于 3 个月前

Program that opens a door every time it receives a sms with a secret message

最后更新于 5 个月前